Wilhelm Traffic Control and Tree Services

Wilhelm California Traffic Control and Tree Services

Vegetation Management & Land Services

Wilhelm provides quality land and vegetation management proven through years of work within the Disaster Recovery and Utility Support industries. Our team has responded to major projects across the state of California and beyond, including: Wildfire Recovery, Storm Recovery, Utility Trimming, Land Clearing, and more.

Tree Trimming

Our skills in hazard tree trimming have been tested and proven by serving multi-year contracts for major utility providers in California. Wilhelm’s team is well-versed in California safety and tree trimming standards, making operations run more smoothly. Our in-house traffic control services also deliver a great deal of convenience for our tree trimming clients.

Tree & Stump Removal

Our team provides experienced hazard tree removal and stump removal services to the federal government, state governments, local municipalities, and private organizations. There’s no tree too big or too small for our personnel and fleet of support equipment.

Forestry & Mastication Services

Working within the California wildfire response and recovery industry, Wilhelm has become very effective at wildfire planning and prevention. Discuss your area with our team, and we will provide a plan for fuel reduction and fire breaks that can reduce wildfire damages exponentially. Having seen the fallout of wildfires first-hand, we are as grateful to our mastication service clients as they are for our work. Prepare your area to reduce the risk of wildfires before they happen.

Land Clearing & Grubbing

Wilhelm makes efficient work of commercial land clearing and grubbing contracts. In response to the property damage brought about by wildfires in Gridley, California, Wilhelm was instrumental in clearing, grubbing, and grading an entire cow pasture in preparation for a large manufactured housing development created for displaced residents. This federal project was completed in under 80 days due largely to our speed and safety practices.

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