Wilhelm Traffic Control and Tree Services

Wilhelm California Traffic Control and Tree Services

Traffic Control Services

Wilhelm LLC provides best-in-class temporary traffic control personnel, services, and equipment to ensure the safety of your work zone. Our company has been serving the federal government, state government, utility, and private organizations for over 20 years. We take great pride in the professionalism our traffic control supervisors and technicians bring to every job site.

Traffic Planning

Our company stands on traffic control designs and plan implementations tested on-site for Disaster Recovery and Support, Workforce Base Camps, Temporary Housing Communities, Construction Sites, Tree Service, Right-of-Way Clearing, and Debris Removal operations. Wilhelm traffic planning clients include private sector companies, public utilities, state organizations, and the federal government. Our experienced traffic control engineers and supervisors will craft a comprehensive temporary traffic control plan that both fits the needs of your project and adheres to your local ordinances.

Traffic Permitting

Wilhelm’s leadership and administrative team has 20 years of experience dealing with municipal traffic regulations nationwide. Our relationships with governing agencies expedite the traffic permitting process and allow your project to move forward quickly and safely. Trust our team to coordinate with state transportation agencies, local authorities, emergency services, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies to prepare your desired traffic plan.

Traffic Flagging

Wilhelm offers clients ATSSA certified traffic control supervisors and technicians who make sure that both our teams and your work zones are constantly running safely and efficiently. We take great pride in the quality and safety our traffic flagging operations have come to be known for throughout the industry. Our experienced leadership staff trains our traffic flagging personnel in-house, and conducts work safety meetings before every work day to ensure the quality of our services.

Lane Closures & Detours

Our lane closures and detour operations are carefully designed to closely follow natural traffic patterns on location wherever possible. 20 years of traffic control experience has shown that local motorist and pedestrian familiarity plays a large role in any successful traffic control operation. We reduce the curve for understanding to keep our staff, your staff, motorists, and pedestrians safer every day.

Traffic Control Equipment

Wilhelm provides reliable traffic control equipment to keep your work zone running properly. Our inventory is owned in-house and constantly undergoes maintenance checks for work zone viability. We require all traffic vehicles and equipment be checked in the morning prior to deployment as a final safety measure every day.
  • Traffic Cones
  • Traffic Attenuators
  • Stop & Slow Signs
  • High-Vis Reflective Vests
  • Roadway Barriers
  • Arrow Boards
  • Message Boards
  • Closed & Detour Signs
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